We offer variety of services beyond your normal dry cleaning.  We provide Alterations and Repairs, and FREE Pick-Up and Delivery Services.



We use non toxic chemicals to dry clean your garments and household items.  We take upmost care when handling delicate fabrics, such as silk, processing them separately.  We also inspect your clothes very carefully before we clean them for any existing damages and notify you immediately so you can have them repaired or held aside.


We can clean your Comforters, Blankets, Throws, Sheets, Bed Skirts, Feather Beds, Pillow Cases, and Couch Covers.  We recommmend you clean your household goods before you plan to store them when the seasons change.


We machine wash and machine press your button down shirts.  We can put them on a hanger or fold them for you.  An extra charge applies for folding services.  We will dry clean any silk, linen, or any shirts that is dry clean only as suggested by the manufactor.  We recommend you dry clean your favorite shirts to keep their color and integrity.


We provide extensive service for wedding dresses.  We can clean, press, and/or box up your wedding dress.  We also provide Thermal Seal Boxing to ensure your wedding dress will not discolor over time. 


We also offer Alteration services for wedding dresses.


We do not offer this service at this time.



We handle all types of Leather garments and Furs.  We provide storage services for Furs. 

Please allow for 2 week turnaround on these speciality garments.


We do not offer Alteration services on these items.


We will be fitting customers for alterations by appointment only.

Your garment must be dry cleaned before we can alter it. 

Absolutely NO Exceptions.

Please allow 3 to 5 days for turnaround.


We offer a free pick-up & delivery service with a minimum order of $30. 


Districts we service are Belltown, Capitol Hill, Downtown, Eastlake, Fremont, Queen Anne, & South Lake Union. 


We pick-up and deliver Monday through Friday.


Normal turnaround is 3 to 4 days.

Additional charges apply for Rush Service.

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